Whether you are seeking a relaxing escape, results driven beauty services, or a complete transformation, we are ready to meet your every need.

At Vive Salon and Spa – our signature treatments and therapies embody European spa science and ancient wisdom traditions to bring you transformational wellness in a chic yet relaxing atmosphere. Our caring, expert service providers underwent many hours of advanced spa education from Diana Seo, a top salon and spa professional from the SoHo Grand Hotel in New York, in order to offer you these services in an authentic, gracious, and preferred manner. Our mission is to help you to discover personal solutions for optimal well-being that you can continue at home with recommended treatments, products and lifestyle changes.

While visiting our salon and spa, you may partake in a wide array of simple or complex treatments offered nowhere else in Bali, like our signature DEP treatment.

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While you are enjoying any of our services, feel free to choose from any of our complimentary beverage offerings like fresh juices, herbal teas and specialty coffee drinks.

Vive Salon and Spa stands ready to meet your every need in beauty, relaxation and wellness within a luxurious sanctum that will calm your mind, soothe your body and uplift your spirit.